Jackson Likely Staying With Iowa State

Cypress Ridge (TX) High School's Princeton Jackson recently got to talk with some of the new Iowa State coaches and things went so well that the Houston native is likely to keep his commitment to Iowa State.

"I got to talk with Coach Rhoads and it was really nice," said Jackson. "He even talked with my parents and they loved him. There's a very small chance that I would look around. I just think that it's a great fit so I'm pretty positive that I'll be staying with Iowa State."

The 6-foot, 200-pound linebacker said that his talk with the new Iowa State head coach could not have gone better. "I really like Coach Rhoads and he told me all about what his plans are for Iowa State," said Jackson. "But the thing I liked about him the most is that we didn't just talk about football. We discussed a lot of things and he really showed that he cares about me as a person."

Princeton also recently got to talk with new Iowa State assistant coach Chris Ash and really liked what he heard from the new coach. "He told me that the main reason that he was returning to Iowa State was because of Coach Rhoads which really stuck with me," said Jackson. "He also told me that I would have the opportunity to come in and fight for a starting outside linebacker position as a freshman which is great."

The other reason that Jackson is almost completely sold on the Cyclones is because of the relationships that he has been developing with some of the Iowa State players since his visit to Ames last month. "I talked with Sedrick Johnson and Darius Darks recently and they love the new coach," he said. "Darius told me that he's really looking forward to next season. I feel like I have known these guys for years."

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