Gilbert Set To Visit Iowa State

A recent visit from some members of the Iowa State coaching staff has the Cyclones moving to the top of the list for Lancaster (TX) High School's Anthony Gilbert.

"Coach Fountain and Coach Price came to my school on Friday and I was really excited," said Gilbert. "They are really interested in me and if they offer they would become my leader."

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound defensive end who had 14 sacks for Lancaster High School this season has seen his recruitment jump over the last month. "Iowa State started recruiting me about a month ago and (former Cyclone assistant) Coach Boulware had come down for a home visit," said Gilbert. "It was amazing because my whole family came for the home visit. I'm the only child in my family and everyone really supports me."

Anthony has recently picked up his first two scholarship offers and expects a few more in the near future. "I just got an offer from Northwestern and from North Texas," he said. "I think there is a good chance I'll get one from SMU and from Iowa State."

Gilbert will also be very busy in the next few weeks as he has scheduled three upcoming visits. "I'm going to North Texas on the 16th and I'll be at Iowa State on Saturday the 24th," he said. "I've also scheduled a visit for SMU on the 31st but if I decide on a school before then I'll have to cancel that visit."

Anthony likes the fact that there seems to be a lot of opportunity at the defensive end position at Iowa State. "They said they that a lot of seniors are graduating and that they need help with the pass rush. I'm thinking that I might be able to get some playing time as a freshman."

Anthony would also like the opportunity to prove some of the schools from Texas that they are wrong. "If I end up in the Big 12 it would be great because I tried to get looked at by Texas and Baylor and they didn't offer," he said. "So I want to show them what they are missing out on."

Gilbert also likes the fact that his position coach would be Coach Price. "I feel I could end up being more explosive due to his teaching ability," he said. "I just really like that he played the same position as me and also played in the NFL."

Anthony also wants to learn more about education at Iowa State because it is a huge factor for him. "Education is a big deal in my family," he said. "It's just real important to keep my grades up just in case football doesn't work out for me then I'll have a back-up plan. I want to major in architecture or engineering."

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