Will Reeves Remain A Cyclone?

Allen (TX) High School's Jeremy Reeves got to meet new Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads last week for the first time. Was the meeting enough to keep Reeves part of the Cylones 2009 recruiting class?

"I'm still committed to Iowa State but I might be taking a visit to Colorado," he said. "Coach (Dan) Hawkins pulled me out of class last week when he was at my school to talk with my teammate Nate Bonsu and they are talking about me going for a visit."

Colorado has not offered a scholarship to Reeves but if they did would this lead to him changing his commitment? "I'm not sure yet and first they have to put a scholarship offer on the table," said Reeves. "Nate Bonsu is my best friend and he just committed there so it would be pretty cool to play together in college."

While Jeremy is intrigued by a possible visit to Colorado he said that he would still be very happy at Iowa State. "Coach Rhoads came to my house for a home visit recently and it was great," he said. "We had a long talk about a lot of things with the program and we got along real well. My parents really liked him also."

The 5-foo-7, 150-pound cornerback has also been talking with possibly his future position coach. "I've talked with Coach Ash on the phone and he's a cool guy," said Reeves. "He's real open-minded and he said he liked my film and that he really wants to coach me. I think he's coming down here this week for a visit."

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