Jordan's Journal Volume 4

2010 Cyclone Basketball Commit Jordan Dykstra has jumped on the team at Cyclone Sports Report. This season he is providing a personal journal for all Iowa State fans to read.

Hi everyone again,

How has everone been? Well, I thought I would update you on the season so far. As of right now we are second in the conference behind Morris Orange City who beat us in a game that was a shootout. They definitely were hitting lights out and ended up beating us by 15. It was a dissappointing loss but I guess it's better to happen now than in the state tournament.

Otherwise everything has been going really good as we just came off of a 21 point win over West Lyon that I would say was one of my best games all year. I have started to become more comfortable with my position and am really learning a lot of new things. I thank Coach Swanson for helping me along in this transition as he has been a very good mentor.

I have also had a few other things going on. In the last post I mentioned that I am involved in jazz band and this past Saturday we had a competition and we received a division one rating. We were one of only seven 1A schools in the state to do so, or so my band director says haha. I have been getting up every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings to do either swing choir or jazz band.

But I know you all want me to talk about basketball so the season so far has been okay with one loss and I guess that puts a damper on things because I am very competitive and HATE losing but I also know it was a learning experience and we will come back from it and be all the better.

Today we have a game against Central Lyon and Friday is a game against Boyden Hull who are our football friends and basketball enemies. Saturday we are put up against a very good Sioux City Heelan team and we are looking forward to getting a good test from them. We also have games Monday and Tuesday of next week so we are in for a long haul here. I hope to let you know sometime next week if not the following week how it turns out for the Rock Valley Rockets. I wish you all the best.

God Bless,

Jordan Dykstra

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