Nolan Has A Top Three

Westlake (GA) High School's Dearco Nolan is strongly considering Iowa State as one of his top schools. However, due to a coaching change in Coach Paul Rhoads new staff the defensive end needs some questions answered before he makes a final decision.

"I don't know what's going on because nobody has told me anything in regards to whether Coach Price has left or not," said Nolan. "I really like Iowa State and I've had home visits with Coach Pelton and Coach Price but I guess both are gone so my mom needs to meet the guy who would be my position coach."

The 6-foot-2, 230-pound defensive end holds his mom's opinion in the highest regard. "My mom trusted Coach Price and now he's gone so she wants to meet the men who will be guiding me in college because it's just me and my mom," said Nolan. "I live in Georgia and Iowa is long ways from home so we have to be sure about who we are committing to."

Dearco says that he has three current leaders which are Marshall, Middle Tennessee, and Iowa State and he doesn't feel that that list will likely change. "If some school comes in with a legitimate need then they can come for me," he said. "But I'm not going to be some schools rebound guy. My leaders have really focused on me whereas other schools didn't want to put all their eggs in the basket with me."

While Nolan doesn't know who would be coaching his position at Iowa State, he has been able to speak with other coaches. "I've known Coach Rhoads for a long time because I went to Auburn's summer camp last year and he's real cool," he said. "I've also talked with Coach Ash and I do really feel wanted by Iowa State which is good."

Dearco is fully qualified and only has one offical visit set up at the moment which is to Marshall on January 30th.

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