Murphy Sets Up Visit To Iowa State

Clinton (IA) High School's Matt Murphy has two very important weekends coming up before he makes his final decision on where he will play his college football.

"I'm going to Iowa this weekend and then to Iowa State on the 30th," said Murphy. "I'm still considering UNI and I really liked hanging out with their players when I went on my visit but I still don't really know if I have a scholarship from them. They still haven't clarified it for me."

The 6-foot-6, 255-pound offensive lineman doesn't need any clarification for where he stands with Iowa and Iowa State. "Iowa State has offered me a scholarship and Iowa has offered me a grey-shirt but it's not really a big deal because either way I likely won't be playing my freshman year," said Murphy. "At Iowa I would join the team next year during the second semester and at Iowa State I would likely redshirt my first year."

So did Matt have a favorite school growing up in the state of Iowa? "Early on growing up in eastern Iowa I would say my family and I were Hawkeye fans but I never disliked Iowa State or UNI," said Murphy. "I'm trying to block all that out because I want to go where it fits the best for me."

So what will likely allow Matt to know where he fits the best? "I have to fit in with some of the guys," he said. "I like the coaches at all the schools so I'm not worried about that issue. Definitely the players will be a big deal and also where I can play first. I'm going to major in business so I can do that at any of the schools."

So when will Murphy make his final decision? "The visits are definitely the deciding factor," he said. "So I should know within a day or two after I visit Iowa State. I'm just going to sit down and compare the schools and whichever one has more positives for me is the one that I will choose."

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