Butte C.C. Head Coach Discusses Sims

Former Butte (CA) Community College safety David Sims recently signed with the Cyclones and has already enrolled at Iowa State. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with his former coach to find out what type of player the Cyclones are getting for the next two years.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is David like as a player?

Coach Jeff Jordan: He was a big-time playmaker for us who did a variety of things. He returned kicks, intercepted passes, and just made a lot of big plays. His freshman year he even played with a small fracture in his leg that we didn't know that he had until the end of the season. He's a tough kid.

CSR: Describe the change that you decided to make with him for his sophomore season.

JJ: We decided to move him from running back to safety and for him it wasn't hard at all. It really made all the difference because he is definitely a defensive player. He played with a lot more aggressiveness as a safety and he also continued to make lots of plays including even blocking kicks on special teams. We played the 46 defense and he was a free safety that had a lot of freedom to roam. His highlight film is pretty awsome.

CSR: Would you consider him a leader?

JJ: He's not a super vocal guy. He always led by making things happen on the field. He constantly made plays that would change the momentum in the game.

CSR: How do you think he will do at Iowa State?

JJ: I think he should have a real good career there. He's a weight room guy who is really put together and definitely can compete at that level. I really think he has a great chance to help their defense the next two years.

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