CSR Goes One-One-One With Bryan Petersen

Senior guard Bryan Petersen has been a very solid contributor for Iowa State this season. Cyclone Sports Report talks with Bryan about team chemistry, taking on Kansas this weekend, and just how good his young teammate Justin Hamilton might end up being.

Cyclone Sports Report: You told me before the season that the chemistry on this team was a huge reason why you felt this team could be successful. Is the chemistry still as strong 18 games into the season?

Bryan Petersen: Oh yeah, I feel it's the same if not even a little more. Now that we've been able to play games and the fact that we've been through some bad losses together. I think we'll only continue to grow as the season goes on.

CSR: After losing earlier in the season at home to South Dakota State, how big was it for this team to go and win on the road at Houston?

BP: It was huge especially coming off a very bad loss. No disrespect to South Dakota State but that's a game that we can't lose at home. Going down and beating a team like Houston that had only one loss on their home court was huge. Craig (Brackins) was great and Justin (Hamilton) really stepped up for us. It was a big win because we were really down and it really got us rolling again.

CSR: A lot of people can't tell right now whether this team can make it to the post-season be it the NCAA Tournament or the NIT. What specifically does this team have to do to get there?

BP: I think consistency is our main problem. We need to put a whole game together over a certain amount of time. The Nebraska game is a perfect example where we came out in the first half and we looked like we could beat anyone in the Big 12 and then in the second half we struggled to seal the deal. I also think we have to rebound better and have more rhythm on offense. When Craig's not getting it in the post we sometimes just stand around.

CSR: You did a nice defensive job on A.J. Abrams of Texas a few weeks back. How do you prepare differently for Kansas point guard Sherron Collins who is more of a creator?

BP: I've watched a lot of film and they're very different because with Abrams you have to chase him all day long. They also have different bodies. Abrams goes about 160 and Sherron is about 210 pounds and he is really good with the ball. I just need to focus on keeping him in front of me. We're not going to totally shut him out but I'm just going to try and frustrate him as much as possible. I'll probably also have to rely on some help from my teammates.

CSR: Kansas lost a lot of guys from the national championship team but they are still very talented. How big a win would it be to defeat them on Saturday?

BP: It would be huge for this team. They might not be the same team as last year but it still says Kansas on their uniform. It would the biggest win for this program since I've been here. I think it would give our team a lot of confidence.

CSR: You have played a very solid role in the team's success this season. How satisfying is that for you considering you came to Ames two years ago as a recruited walk-on?

BP: I try not to think about it too much. Obviously coming in I just told myself to do whatever I could to help the team win. It's really something that I'll probably look back at more in April when the season is over.

CSR: In your opinion, will Justin Hamilton be leaving Ames in four years from now as the best center in Iowa State history?

BP: It's tough to say and I wouldn't want to put any added pressure on him but he definitely has a chance to be one of the best centers at Iowa State. His work ethic and desire to get better is really great. He listens to the coaches and us players and he's just really a great teammate. It's going to be fun to see how good he gets over the next few years.

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