Mims Excited To Be A Cyclone

Palmdale (CA) High School's Brandon Mims had been on his visit less than 24 hours when he came to a clear realization about his future.

"I was just having so much fun and I just got along with both the players and the coaches," he said. "I just fell in love with the whole school and so I committed to Coach Rhoads."

The 6-foot-1, 160-pound athlete says he'll likely start off working at quarterback but that could change. "In high school I played mostly quarterback and Coach Ash said I would likely start off there but if it didn't work out that I would just move to another position," said Mims. "I can play wide receiver, safety, cornerback, and I can return punts so it doesn't really matter to me."

According to Brandon, he was being looked at by UCLA, Arizona, and Arizona State and that he had offers from Utah, Nevada, Utah State, and Washington State but that his grades were a concern to some schools. "I scored very well on my SAT but I just have to make up three classes and I am doing that right now so I will be completely fine," said Mims. "Coach Rhoads believes in me and said that they are going to stick with me no matter what which really meant a lot."

While Brandon really enjoyed meeting his future head coach it was another Cyclone coach that got him interested in Iowa State. "Coach Ash and I go way back," said Mims. "He came from San Diego State and he had followed me since I was a junior. He just wanted me to come out here and I just thinks it's real cool and I really appreciate Coach Ash for sticking by me."

Brandon also looks forward to playing with former Palmdale star Hayworth Hicks. "Hayworth is my boy," he said. "I hang out with him whenever he comes back to California. He's a great blocker and he told me that it's great at Iowa State and I already have gotten a good vibe about everything."

Brandon also can't wait to play in the Big 12. "I'm very excited to play in the Big 12 because I like competition," he said. "There's really a lot of good teams and I just can't wait to play teams like Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M."

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