Lang Down To Two

It has been a long winding process for Largo (FL) High School's Mike Lang but the star wide receiver is almost ready to make his final decision.

"I had an in-home visit with Iowa State today and then coaches from Connecticut will be coming tomorrow," said Lang. "Then I'll sit down with my parents on Thursday and likely come to a final decision."

Earlier today, Mike and his parents got to sit down and talk about a variety of things with Cyclone offensive coordinator Tom Herman. "My parents really enjoyed him and I think he will be bringing a really good offensive scheme to Iowa State," said Lang. "He did a great job at Rice and he also talked to us about the tradition at Iowa State and we all really enjoyed the meeting with him."

The 6-foot, 180-pound wide receiver says that his visit this past weekend to Iowa State could not have gone better. "My visit to Iowa State went real well and I really enjoyed myself," said Lang. "I was able to get a lot of information about the coaches." Mike also really enjoyed getting to take in the basketball game while he was on his visit. "The fans at Iowa State are ridiculous," he said. "They really love their sports teams and I just really enjoyed the atmosphere."

While on the visit Mike was hosted by a familiar face. "Leonard Johnson who is one of my former teammates was my host and he introduced to some of the players," said Lang. "We were really jelling and that is definitely a big part in my decision to which school I pick."

While on his visit Lang also got to sit down and talk with Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads. "We had a good talk and I think Coach Rhoads is a really good coach," he said. "He seems to really care about his players and he didn't put any pressure on me to make a decision. He just told me to pick the school where I feel the most comfortable."

So what will ultimately be the keys to Lang's final decision? "The first thing is where I feel most comfortable at academically because academics is huge for me," he said. "Then I'll also look at how I get along with the players, coaches, and just the atmosphere at the school that I feel most comfortable with."

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