Lichtenberg Enjoys His Official Visit

Bettendorf High School's Kyle Lichtenberg got to spend last weekend at Iowa State on his official visit and things could not have gone better.

"It was really how I dreamed things would be," said Lichtenberg. "The players are awsome and the coaches are really great. It's just a matter of getting the program to go in a winning direction by winning some games next year."

The 6-foot-6, 255-pound offensive tackle really enjoyed getting to know some of the other players who are also committed to Iowa State. "My host for the weekend was Ben Lamaak and he lives with the guys who hosted Josh (Lenz) and Jake (Knott) so the three of us hung out together most of the weekend," said Lichtenberg. "All the Iowa State players made us feel right at home. You can really tell that they are pumped for next year."

Kyle also liked that the Iowa State coaching staff was having a successful recruiting weekend. "It was just fun being around it," he said. "One by one they kept coming out of their meeting with Coach Rhoads and telling us that they had just committed. It was pretty awsome."

He also enjoyed getting to sit and talk with his future offensive line coach. "I had a position meeting with Coach Bleil and it went great," said Lichtenberg. "It was just an introduction on the new style of offense that Iowa State is going to run."

He also got some time to talk again with Cyclone Head Coach Paul Rhoads. "It was just about getting to know him better," said Lichtenberg. "He just seems like a great guy and I really can't wait to play for him. It's going to be the time of my life."

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