CSR Exclusive: One-On-One With James Capello

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Lebanon (PA) quarterback James Capello about what led him to commit to Iowa State on Saturday.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long has Iowa State been recruiting you?

James Capello: It has been about two weeks. Coach Rhoads came to see me about a week and a half ago and he tried to get me to come up for a visit last week but things just didn't work out.

CSR: When did Iowa State offer you and when did you commit?

JC: Coach Rhoads offered me on the phone a couple of days ago and then I committed to him yesterday when I was talking with him. He just said wow and was really excited about it.

CSR: What were your other offers?

JC: Stoneybrook and Central Connecticut

CSR: What's your relationship like with Coach Herman?

JC: It's amazing. After I committed I was shaking hands with the coaches and he just came up to me and gave me a bear hug. He was really excited about it and I would just say that I really like Coach Herman and really look forward to playing with him.

CSR: What did he tell you that he liked about you?

JC: He told me that I was his type of quarterback. He liked how I move on my feet and that I can make quick decisions. He told me that my ability was perfect for his type of offense.

CSR: How similar was your high school's offense in comparison with Coach Herman's?

JC: The only thing that is different are the hand signals. The routes that the receivers run and the running plays are pretty much the same. I was in the shot gun most of the time and his quarterback will be in the shot gun most of the time also.

CSR: Who was your host for the weekend?

JC: Austen Arnaud was my host and he was a great guy. I really liked his attitude and he told me that I'm part of the family now after I had committed. He told me how much I'll love the program and how he really likes Coach Rhoads. I got to hang out with him and a bunch of other guys and I liked them all a lot.

CSR: What do you like most about Coach Rhoads?

JC: That he cares about his players more than anything. He talked with me about academics and then football. He's just a great guy.

CSR: What will you choose for your major?

JC: Criminal Justice

CSR: So what did your parents think of Iowa State?

JC: They absolutely loved it and we all felt at home here. The basketball game was amazing because the fans are so great. The whole visit was just unbelievable and I can't wait to get back here this summer to get started with my teammates.

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