Meet James Kohler

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with one of Iowa State's top 2010 football recruiting targets.

Cyclone Sports Report: So when did Iowa State offer you a scholarship?

Matt Kohler: It was about three or four days after Coach Rhoads got hired. We set up a meeting and I went to the Jacobsen Building and I met with him one on one. He said that he watched my tape and that he was impessed with what he had seen. During the meeting he offered me a scholarship and told me that he wanted me to play for him at Iowa State.

CSR: What did you think of Coach Rhoads?

MK: I thought he was really a great guy. I believe he'll do a good job of turning things around there and I really like that he's doing a good job of trying to bring the in-state recruits to Iowa State unlike Coach Chizik. The fact that he went directly after in-state players like Jake Knott showed me a lot.

CSR: So do you have any other scholarship offers?

JK: The only other one I have is from Iowa. I went to their junior day and Coach Ferentz gave me an offer that day. I'm also hearing a lot from Kansas State, Minnesota, and Nebraska. I'm going to Nebraska's junior day this weekend and then I'll be going to Iowa State's in a few weeks.

CSR: How does it feel to have scholarship offers from both Iowa and Iowa State before your senior senior season has even started?

JK: It feels great and I just feel that I'm really blessed. I've really had great coaches at my high school that have helped me a lot and the whole thing has been amazing.

CSR: Were you an Iowa State fan growing up?

JK: Yeah, growing up here I have always been a Cyclone fan and my parents have always had season tickets. My dad got his master's degree at Iowa State.

CSR: Do you think it's likely that you will stay in-state to play your college football?

JK: It's really too early to tell. I really can't say yet whether I want to stay or whether I would want to leave the state.

CSR: Is it a guarantee that you will play college football considering you are also a very good baseball player?

JK: No, it's not for sure because I really like baseball. I couldn't say what I'm definitely going to do at this point.

CSR: If you do choose football how soon would you make a decision on a school?

JK: The earliest would be late summer and it's possible that I will wait until the end of my season next year.

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