Jordan's Journal Volume 5

2010 Cyclone Basketball Commit Jordan Dykstra has jumped on the team at Cyclone Sports Report. This season he is providing a personal journal for all Iowa State fans to read.

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would update you on the season again. The Rock Valley Rockets have been playing well as of late and since our loss to Sioux City Heelan we have not lost. I am now averaging 18 points and 10 rebounds per game and have now fully adapted to my new role and am playing decently. The team is playing well and we are just starting to play more consistently. We will be playing Morris Orange City/Floyd Valley for the conference championship next Tuesday.

Along with basketball, jazz band has been going well. We placed first in our latest contest and now will be going to state in that. I also have been very blessed because my cousin Travis asked me to be his best man in his wedding something that I am very excited to be. I also have been happy to see that the Iowa State program is taking big steps as they have been playing tough teams close. It just is a little bit of inconsistency that is going on there but I think with a very young team their future is bright. Hope everyone is well and I'll keep you updated on the upcoming tournament trail.

In Christ,

Jordan Dykstra

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