Five Questions With Craig Brackins

The sensational sophomore forward talks with Cyclone Sports Report about how his game has changed and what next season could look like if he returns for his junior season.

Cyclone Sports Report: How important was it to get the win against Colorado?

Craig Brackins: It was huge and not just because we won but it was really about how we won. The fact that we played that well was definitely a boost of confidence for the team. I just hope it carries over against Oklahoma State.

CSR: What was the main difference in you guys winning and does this team still have a chance at the NIT?

CB: I think it was because we were taking better shots. Sometimes if we're open we just shoot it but against Colorado we were making the extra pass. We do feel we could still make it to the NIT but we're going to have to win most of our games the rest of the way to do so and we'd probably have to do well in the Big 12 Tournament. The key is going to have to be our defense. We have won all but one game this season when are shooting percentage has been better than our opponent. We just can't let the other team shoot a good percentage.

CSR: What have you improved on the most this season as a player?

CB: I would say consistency with my rebounding. I struggled some early but my numbers after the first four games have been really consistent and I think that is the one area that I have improved on the most.

CSR: What do you feel that you still need to improve on in the future?

CB: I would say my post game. I feel I have some really solid go-to moves but I need to work on my counter moves for when I get double-teamed. I also need to work on my mid-range perimeter game.

CSR: Many people believe that with Chris Colvin and Marquis Gilstrap coming in next year that if you return the 2009-10 Cyclones could be an outstanding team. Do you agree?

CB: Definitely. I think we would be a Top 25 team that could do real well in conference and possibly make a run in the NCAA tournament. It's something that I'm definitely considering because winning is the key. I just want to win and if I come back I know we'll have a team that can do that.

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