CSR Exclusive: One-On-One With Austen Arnaud

As Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud moves onto his third head coach he talks with Cyclone Sports Report about the transition and what his thoughts are on the future of Iowa State football.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was it like when you and the team realized that Coach Chizik was leaving for Auburn?

Austen Arnaud: It was surprising but really for the older guys we just realized that we were going to have a new coach and that we would just have to adjust. I think the freshman struggled more because they were recruited by Coach Chizik but that really only lasted until break. Myself and some of the older guys definitely talked to some of the younger guys in order to make sure they stayed. We told them to stick with us and that if they transferred that they would have to make new friends. We told them that they should stay here with their brothers and keep building this program.

CSR: What has it been like moving on to your third head coach?

AA: It has been kind of wild but they are all really good coaches. I like them all so I don't feel that I have been held back. It's just been a crazy experience but you learn to cope with it.

CSR: How have things been so far under Coach Rhoads for the team and what do you think of your new coach?

AA: They have been real upbeat and there have been a lot of fresh new faces around here. The new coaches are really excited and the all the players are excited about the future with them. I didn't know Coach Rhoads but I knew about him and his dad and I had a lot of respect for them. Soon after he came here he called me right away and he was just excited and really fired up. That told me a lot about his character right from the start.

CSR: How are things with your new offensive coordinator Tom Herman and how excited are you to play in his offense?

AA: I'm really excited and it's nice because he understands college minds. He knows what it's like and I have been watching film of Rice's offense ever since he got hired. I think his offense fits me great because I'll be throwing a lot but when I need to use my legs I can. We also have a lot of great skill players that will make it easier. I just can't wait considering the numbers that his offenses put up at Rice. It's unbelievable to see what they did.

CSR: What are the goals for this team heading into the 2009 season?

AA: I honestly think we have a great shot at a bowl game next year. We definitely have goals and aspirations so we'll just have to see what happens. We definitely have a lot of the pieces in place to do well.

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