Five Questions With Scott Christopherson

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Scott Christopherson about his transfer, his health, and what he feels the future will be like for the Cyclones.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was ultimately the main reason you left Marquette and how are things going for you at Iowa State?

Scott Christopherson: The main reason was Coach Crean leaving but I never considered following him to Indiana. When I visited here and got to know Coach Mac (McDermott) I just felt this was the right situation for me for the future.

CSR: How long did you have to rehab your knee injury and how are you currently feeling in regards to the injury?

SC: Well last year it had been bothering me so I had surgery in late July and it was really two months before I could play. I didn't play pick-up games until about the week before practice started. The rehabilitation went great and I feel 100% at the moment.

CSR: How tough has it been having to sit out a year?

SC: I understand it but going through it can be frustrating at times because you want to be out there with the guys. It's been good for the health of my knee and I've had a whole year to work on my game.

CSR: What will your role be for Iowa State next season and what do you feel are your strongest parts of your game?

SC: I feel my role will be at the off guard and I feel I can score in a bunch of ways. I can shoot from the outside, I can shoot pull-ups, and and I can go to the basket. The main thing is that I'm going to have to guard my man well and make smarts plays if I want to help this team.

CSR: What do you feel the future will be like for Iowa State basketball?

SC: I think it's real bright. I feel this is a young team that is real close to getting there. We've had some struggles in the last minutes of games but with the young players mixed in with the veterans I feel we will do very well during the next few years.

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