Five Questions With L.A. Pomlee

L.A. Pomlee talks with Cyclone Sports Report about his recent injury, how his redshirt season has been going, and the main ways that he feels he can help Iowa State next season.

Cyclone Sports Report: How are you enjoying your first year at Iowa State?

L.A. Pomlee: I really love it here. At first it was a little tough but once I got used to everything I have really enjoyed my time here. I just can't wait until next year.

CSR: What is the recent injury that you sustained at practice on Friday and how is the recovery coming along?

LP: It was a high ankle sprain. The doctors said that it would be about three or four weeks before I get back on the court but I'm thinking that I'll be back sooner.

CSR: How did the decision for you to redshirt this season come about and are you happy with the decision?

LP: It was a decision made by both Coach McDermott and myself. He came to me and we talked about it being best for me and I think it was a good decision. It has really helped me understand the college system better.

CSR: What have you improved on the most during the season?

LP:I would say finishing around the basket. Coach Robinson works with me every day on finishing around the basket and I would also say my rebounding and one on one defense.

CSR: What are the ways that you feel you'll be able to help the team the most next season?

LP: I think next year I will mainly help the team with my rebounding and hustle plays.

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