Jordan's Journal Volume 6

2010 Cyclone Basketball Commit Jordan Dykstra has jumped on the team at Cyclone Sports Report. This season he is providing a personal journal for all Iowa State fans to read.

Hey Everyone,

I have had no time to write but I will try to catch you all up with how things have been going for me. With our victory over Moc we tied for the Siouxland Conference title. We have won eight in a row now and have finally started the state tournament. We won our first playoff game by 72 over Remsen St.Mary's. We have our second playoff game today and we have been playing very well.

I also got to catch an Iowa State game on television finally. The game against Colorado and the first half was needless to say very impressive. I will try and keep everyone updated on the tournament trail but sorry if it isn't up right away as you all know this time of year is very hectic.

In Christ,

Jordan Dykstra

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