Harris Has Three Leaders

Milwaukee Hamilton High School's Darnell Harris is very much looking forward to the Wisconsin state playoffs and CSR caught up with him to see how the 2011 forward is enjoying the recruiting process.

"We're 13-3 right now and we just won the city conference championship," said Harris. "I'm averaging 10 points and 10 rebounds a game and we got a bye in the first round of the state playoffs so we don't play our first game until this Saturday."

The 6-foot-8, 185-pound forward does not currently have any scholarship offers but says that there are three schools that are clearly showing him the most interest. "I don't have any leader at the moment," he said. "But Iowa State, Marquette, and Wisconsin are definitely the three schools that are recruiting me the hardest."

The Cyclone staff has been recruiting Darnell for a long time now and he enjoyed having them come see him play during the season. "Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) and Coach McDermott both came to see me play about a month ago," said Harris. "I mostly talk with Coach T.J. about once every two weeks. We just talk about focusing on my grades and on staying in the gym and working on my game."

Darnell has taken a few official visits during the season and expects to take more this summer. "I've been to games at Marquette and Wisconsin this year," he said. "I've also talked with Coach T.J. about going back up to Iowa State again this summer and I will definitely be doing that."

Darnell is playing the small forward for Hamilton High School and feels that while he has made improvements in his game that there is still room for improvement. "I'm shooting the three-point shot a lot better this season which is good but I still need to improve my footwork and be able to play better perimeter defense," he said.

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