CSR Talks With Marquis Gilstrap

The Gulf Coast (FL) Community College forward star has finished the regular season leading his team in scoring, rebounding, and three-point percentage. Marquis talks with CSR about how satisfying this season has been after being out of basketball for almost two full seasons.

Cyclone Sports Report: So how has the season gone for Gulf Coast down the stretch?

Marquis Gilstrap: It's gone well and we just finished the regular season with a 22-8 record. I ended up making first team all-conference and I have averaged 23 points and 10 rebounds for the season. We qualified for the (FCCAA) state playoffs and this Thursday we play Miami-Dade Junior College in the first round.

CSR: How good to does it feel to have the kind of season that you have had after being out of basketball for almost two seasons?

MG: It feels good because this is really my first full season of playing college basketball since I only played ten games before I got hurt two years ago. This why I kept working hard to get back because I knew it would pay off and it really has.

CSR: How does your leg that got injured feel after an entire regular season?

MG: It feels good and I don't feel any pain. I haven't had any problems with it during the season.

CSR: How often do you speak with the Iowa State coaches?

MG: I speak to them a lot and I actually just spoke with Coach McDermott about 30 minutes ago. He just called to congratulate me on making all-conference and told me to keep working hard as our team goes into the playoffs.

CSR: Do you talk with any of the Iowa State players?

MG: I have talked with Craig (Brackins) a few times. He's a really good guy.

CSR: How much are you hoping that he returns to Iowa State for next season so that you can play with him?

MG: Well it would be great because when I played with him on my visit we played really well together but if he feels like the best move for him is to go to the NBA then I would have to support whatever decision that he made.

CSR: What position do you feel you fit best at?

MG: I would say the small forward or shooting guard. I'm more of a wing but sometimes my coach even puts me at point guard.

CSR: What is the one aspect of your game that you feel you have really improved on the most during the season?

MG: My rebounding and my defense. I've gotten a lot stronger and healthier and those factors have definitely helped in those areas.

CSR: What do you want to improve on the most before you get to Iowa State?

MG: I still feel that I need to keep getting in better shape before I start playing Big 12 competition.

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