Gulf Coast Coach Talks Marquis Gilstrap

Cyclone Sports Report caught up with the man who probably knows the most about future Iowa State basketball player Marquis Gilstrap. According to Gulf Coast (FL) Community College Coach Jay Powell, Cyclone fans are going to be very happy next year with Gilstrap's arrival.

Cyclone Sports Report: Did you ever expect that he would lead the team in scoring, rebounding, three-point percentage and have the overall season that he has had?

Jay Powell: I didn't think he could take it to this level. I knew he would be good but I have to give him a lot of credit for all the hard work that he put in. We had help from the Dr. James Andrews Medical Center which is the best sports injury surgeon in the business. They really helped with his rehabilitation. His conditioning was originally poor because his leg hurt if he stayed on it too long. He's really done a terrific job of keeping his leg strong.

CSR: What is Marquis like as a person?

JP: I really think a lot of him as a coach because he is the type of person where you can push him, ride him, and get on him as a player and he hears what he needs to hear. He's never going to whine or complain as a player. The professors here really like him and he's just a really humble guy. I don't know if there has been a player at GCCC who has been as impressive.

CSR: What is his biggest strength as a player?

JP: He can score from anywhere on the court. If you back off him he can hit a 23-foot jump shot. If you play him tight he's going to the rim and if you don't get out of his way he's going to posterize someone. If you cut him off he can make the mid-range jump shot so he's really just difficult to match-up against.

CSR: What is the thing you feel he needs to improve on the most before he gets to Iowa State?

JP: Up until four or five games ago I would say defending the perimeter but as it has come down to crunch time he has really defended well. I still feel with the quickness of the wings in the Big 12 that he needs to get quicker and that he needs to get in the weight room if Iowa State ever wants him to defend the post.

CSR: Do you feel Marquis Gilstrap will likely be heading to the NBA when he is done at Iowa State?

JP: It's hard to say because a lot has to go right but I would say that I think he will definitely be one of the top ten players in the Big 12 next year. Will he play professionally? Yes, that's a no-brainer but he has a good understanding of life and whether he makes it to the NBA or not he'll definitely use the education he is getting to be successful in life.

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