Meet Jeff Woody

Southeast Polk High School's Jeff Woody was named first team All-State and rushed for 2,300 yards and 30 touchdowns this past season. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Woody to see what led to his decision to accept a preferred walk-on invitation from Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: Did you have any other options for football other than Iowa State?

Jeff Woody: Yeah, Nebraska-Omaha had offered me and there was some other schools that were recruiting me hard but I picked Iowa State because it's the best all-around situation for me.

CSR: Why is it the best all-around situation for you?

JW: First, my brother is already up there and second because I am going into exercise science and they have a great school for it. Finally, I just really like Coach Rhoads because after talking with him he just seems like a really honest guy.

CSR: Was Coach Chizik recruiting you also before he left?

JW: Yeah, I had the same standing offer with him but I wouldn't have gone to Iowa State if he was still the coach. He was too much like a car salesman or politician for me. With Coach Rhoads he has brought this Barack Obama like hope to Iowa State and I think it is spreading.

CSR: Were you surprised that you were not getting a lot of offers considering the numbers that you put up your last two years in high school?

JW: Yeah, I was shocked but I just had to throw my pride aside and just look at it as there has to be something that teams are noticing that is keeping them away. I personally think maybe they don't think I have the top end speed but I'm not sure.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

JW: 6-foot and 217-pounds

CSR: Are they interested in you as a running back or will you be switching positions?

JW: They told me they are going to try me as a Dallas Clark hybrid-type player where I'll be able to play running back, fullback, tight end, and wide receiver. I guess they feel that since I have a 3.9 grade point average that I can do a good job of picking up the system quickly.

CSR: What did Coach Rhoads tell you in regards to your chances of eventually earning a scholarship?

JW: He said that I don't have to become a starter but that if I'm playing on all levels of special teams that I'd have a good chance to get a scholarship.

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