Hatfield Excited To Be A Cyclone

Johnston High School's Class 4-A All-State defensive lineman Duane Hatfield recently decided to accept an invitation from Iowa State as a preferred walk-on. Cyclone Sports Report talked with Duane about what factors led to him becoming a Cyclone.

Cyclone Sports Report: What was the process that led to you becoming a preferred walk-on at Iowa State?

Duane Hatfield: I talked to Coach Link a lot when Coach Chizik was there and then when Coach Rhoads became coach he came and talked to me at my school and that is when he offered me this opportunity. I then decided to accept his invitation which was about three weeks ago.

CSR: What position do they think you could possibly play at Iowa State?

DH: I played defensive end in high school but they are looking at me as a defensive tackle. Sometimes I played that position in high school and I don't mind it at all. I just like playing on the defensive line.

CSR: Why did you choose Iowa State over a few offers from smaller schools in Minnesota?

DH: I really wanted to play Division I and when I get older I didn't want to regret not having tried to do it if I was ever given the opportunity.

CSR: What do you feel your strengths are as a defensive lineman?

DH: I think I have good speed off the ball and I feel I'm pretty good with my hands getting by offensive linemen.

CSR: Do you know any players on the Iowa State team?

DH: Yeah, I know Zach Guyer who is one of the kickers and he told me that he likes it a lot there and that he feels this season will be real good because a lot of players are coming back.

CSR: What is about Coach Rhoads that you like the most?

DH: I just got a really good first impression and I just think that he's a good coach. When he talks to you he gets to the point and he really makes you feel comfortable. I like that he thinks that I'm one of those players that if I put forth the effort that I could possibly see the field in the future.

CSR: What are your goals for next year at Iowa State?

DH: I'm just going to come in this summer and work hard. My goal is to hopefully get a scholarship and to at some point in the future be on the field playing for Iowa State.

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