CSR Exclusive: One-On-One With Bo Williams

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Florida transfer Bo Williams about sitting out a year, fitting into the new offense, and what it was like to watch his former teammates win a national championship.

Cyclone Sports Report: How are you adjusting to the new offensive scheme that was brought in by Coach Herman?

Bo Williams: Right now I have no choice but to adapt to it and I'm doing pretty good. I'm becoming a great route runner and I'm going to be catching a lot of balls.

CSR: What are your greatest strengths as a running back?

BW: I would say my speed and power

CSR: What did you improve on the most during the this past season where you had to sit out?

BW: I would say my footwork and my ability to catch the ball. My cutting ability also improved and I just think it was great to be catching the ball from Austen because if I'm in the starting line-up next year I'll be catching a lot of balls from him.

CSR: What did you think of the Iowa State fans during your first season in Ames?

BW: They are just really supportive whether we are up or down as a team. It was great being at the games because they really support Iowa State football and they congratulate you for any success that you have.

CSR: Some of the later recruits that Coach Rhoads got were from Florida and many of them mentioned you from their visit to Ames as someone that they really clicked with. How important is it that Iowa State continue to bring in talent from your home state of Florida?

BW: It's very important because I think it's the best state for football talent and I'm going to do everything I can to keep bringing in guys from there. When I was their host I just kept it real with them. I told them that if they come here and take care of business that we can have a lot of success.

CSR: So what was it like to watch the school (Florida) that you transferred from win the national championship?

BW: I was so excited for them and I was actually there with them because my old roommate (linebacker) Brandon Hicks got me a ticket. When they won I was so happy for those guys and really proud of them. It was nice because a lot of them were telling me that they missed me.

CSR: What is your relationship like with Coach Rhoads?

BW: He's a really good guy and I've actually known him for a while because he recruited me when he was at Pittsburgh so we're real cool. He's just really fun to be around and I think that he is a very fair coach. I also think he's the best guy for this program because he keeps it real and if you follow his rules he's a real players coach.

CSR: How excited are you to finally get back on the field next season?

BW: I'm just so excited and I've actually got this anger built up that I'm ready to release because it was tough not being able to play for a year. I've just been attacking my classes and trying to get better on the field. I just can't wait to show people what I can do next year.

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