Dendy Commits To Iowa State

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Indian Hills Community College forward Laron Dendy on how his commitment to Iowa State came about.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is the main reason that you committed to Iowa State?

Laron Dendy: It's because of the loyalty that they showed to me the whole time. They made it clear that they wanted me the whole time. They have been there since day one and really made me feel wanted.

CSR: When did Iowa State begin recruiting you?

LD: Right around when school began in the fall.

CSR: Which coach did you have most contact with at Iowa State?

LD: Coach (Daniyal) Robinson

CSR: What is your relationship like with Coach Robinson?

LD: It's really good because he has a lot of character as a person. He has been in my position because he went to Indian Hills and he just brings a lot to the table when we talk. I would say we have a very strong relationship.

CSR: What is your current height and weight and what position will you likely play?

LD: I'm 6-foot-9 and 215 pounds. I will likely play the power forward or center position at Iowa State. If they ever need me to play the three I think I can do that also.

CSR: You were averaging 15 points and 11 rebounds at Indian Hills before you got injured. What was the injury that you suffered that limited you to only nine games this season?

LD: I had a stress fracture to my right leg but I feel I came back to soon. Now I'm 100 percent and have been playing with the guys every day. It actually feels better than before I was injured.

CSR: What other schools were you considering?

LD: Missouri, Maryland, Florida State, Texas Tech, South Carolina, and Clemson

CSR: How many visits did you take to Iowa State?

LD: I took three visits up there. I went to one football game and to two basketball games this year.

CSR: What did you think about Hilton Coliseum?

LD: They really show a lot of support and even though Iowa State struggled a little this year they still show them a lot of love. When I get there I think I will have a great time playing in front of them.

CSR: What is your relationship like with Coach McDermott?

LD: It's a very cool relationship. We talk a lot and he really wants me up there and was constantly expressing how much they would like to have me at Iowa State. He told me that he really likes my athleticism and scoring ability.

CSR: What player are you comparable to?

LD: Coach Robinson feels that my game is very similar to DeMarre Carroll of Missouri but I told him that I think I can play even better than him.

CSR: Are you close with any of the Iowa State players?

LD: Yeah, I've become pretty close with Craig Brackins, Diante Garrett, and Dominique Buckley. I talk with Craig a lot. I'm not sure if he's coming back or not. I know we'll be good next year either way but if he comes back I think we could do really well in the NCAA tournament.

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