Iowa State Eyeing Pelham

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Chipola (FL) Junior College forward Torye Pelham.

Cyclone Sports Report: Has Iowa State offered you a scholarship?

Torye Pelham: Yes

CSR: What other schools have offered you a scholarship?

TP: Iowa, Southern Illinois, Binghamton, and Missouri

CSR: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

TP: A couple of months ago

CSR: Which Iowa State coach have you had the most contact with?

TP: Coach (Daniyal) Robinson

CSR: What is your relationship like with him?

TP: He seems like a cool person and I would say that we have a good relationship.

CSR: Have you met any of the other coaches?

TP: Yeah, Coach McDermott and Coach Otzelberger also came down with Coach Robinson for our National Tournament. Coach McDermott said he really liked everything about my game and that he really wants me to come to Iowa State.

CSR: You played against future Cyclone Marquis Gilstrap this year. What is your opinion of his ability?

TP: He's real good and he'll definitely be a pro.

CSR: Did you guys become friends at all?

TP: Yeah, we're cool because I've really gotten to know him through basketball. I've definitely talked with him about Iowa State and he really wants me to go there. He told me about Craig (Brackins) and how the team can be really good next year if all the pieces fall into place.

CSR: Is the fact that Marquis is going to Iowa State possibly going to have an impact on your recruitment?

TP: It definitely would if I pick Iowa State because then I would already know someone there and so I would feel more comfortable.

CSR: What is your best position on the floor?

TP: I would say the three and the four because I'm really a combo-forward.

CSR: What is your height and weight?

TP: I'm 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds

CSR: What are your biggest strengths on the court?

TP: I would say my ability to run the floor and my defense.

CSR: What is the one thing you need to work on the most?

TP: My ballhandling

CSR: When are you looking to make a decision?

TP: I'll probably make my decision in a couple of weeks. I'm going to talk with my coach when I get back from spring break and then I'll likely make a decision soon after that.

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