CSR Talks With Ben Lamaak

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-one-one with Ben Lamaak on how the line is adjusting to the new offensive scheme, whether he is switching positions or not, and how his health is coming along.

Cyclone Sports Report: Is there any truth to the rumors that you are possibly switching to center?

Ben Lamaak: No, not right now with Alex (Alvarez) doing a real good job there. I'm paying attention to that position and snapping before practice but I'm at right guard at the moment.

CSR: What is your relationship like with Coach Rhoads?

BL: It's really a great relationship. I was very excited when he was hired. He's shown us to be really intelligent and enthusiastic.

CSR: How are things going with Coach Bleil who is now running the offensive line?

BL: It's great working with him because of all the experience he has. He has put like 20 or 21 players in the NFL and I would say he is a great motivator.

CSR: What does the offensive line need to improve on at the moment?

BL: We just have to keep progressing and find five guys that can play as a unit. We also have to stay healthy because last year myself and Mike (Knapp) got hurt which changed things. I really think we have to improve our run blocking so that we can establish the pass game.

CSR: How important is it that most of the offensive linemen from last season are returning?

BL: It's really key because now we really have a lot of experience. It also helps us learn the new offense easier.

CSR: Has the new offensive scheme brought in by Coach Herman changed what you guys on the offensive line do in a big way?

BL: A lot of it for a lineman is the same but there's more use of the shot gun.

CSR: How important is it that Austen Arnaud is returning with a full year of experience at quarterback?

BL: It's huge because Austen has to be the leader of the team. He is continuing to show more maturity which is good for the team.

CSR: How great of a feeling is it to just be back playing football after slightly fracturing your tibia last season?

BL: It really is great to just be back on the field. I didn't have the best time last year having to miss three games. I just missed it so much and now I'm completely healthy so everything is fine now.

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