ISU Makes Offer To Florida Offensive Lineman

The Iowa State coaching staff makes an offer to the cousin of a former Cyclone. Will his family ties be enough to lure the Cypress Bay (FL) High School star to Ames.

"Most of my family lives in a small town in Iowa called Rock Valley," said Pembroke Pines (FL) native Joe McNamara. "My cousin Luke Vandersand played center for Iowa State about four years ago. He had great things to say about Iowa State, especially about Coach Rhoads. He told me he had a lot of fun and that it was a school that I definitely should at least consider."

The 6-foot-2, 275-pound offensive lineman has mostly played tackle but says that he moved around a lot last year. "I played primarily at tackle but I also played guard and center," said McNamara. "A lot of the schools like my versatility and I feel being versatile is key for college."

Joe currently has scholarship offers from Wake Forest, Florida International, and Iowa State. He is also being recruited heavily by Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia Tech, and UCLA. He has not currently taken any visits but that is about to change in the very near future. "I'm heading on a visit to FIU this weekend and then on Monday I will be taking a visit to Wake Forest," said McNamara. "I will likely be taking a visit to Iowa State this summer when I'm out in Iowa visiting family."

Joe says that getting in touch with Iowa State was done in a very unique fashion. "My cousin actually called Coach Rhoads and then he told my cousin that he had seen me last year when he was at Auburn and so my cousin then called my dad and told me to call him," said McNamara. "Coach Rhoads had come down to one of my practices when he was at Auburn and I guess he also saw me on film."

McNamara says that when he finally got to speak with Coach Rhoads that he could not have been more impressed. "What I really like about Coach Rhoads is that he is down to earth and that he clearly has family values which I really appreciate," he said. "He doesn't boast or try and toot his own horn. He's just looking for players to help him build a solid program at Iowa State."

Even though Joe has been to Iowa before many times he still has some small reservations about possibly leaving the warm weather in Florida for a school in the Midwest. "The cold still concerns me but I have a feeling that I could get used to it," he said. "Location is key but it's pretty much about the school. I'm really just looking for a place where I can fit into that will provide a solid education so location probably won't end up being that big of a deal. I'm hoping to study physical therapy wherever I end up because I eventually want to get into sports medicine."

McNamara is also an outstanding wrestler who took sixth in the state tournament this year and he feels thanks to his dad (who is his wrestling coach) he has developed a very important trait that he feels will help at the next level. "I try to be as coachable as possible," he said. "My dad instilled that in me when I was young and so I don't have any problem taking criticism and feel that will always help me."

McNamara says that he is always trying to improve and that he will be using the spring and summer to be even better for his senior season. "I'm really trying to perfect my form as a lineman," he said. "I need to also show better footwork and I'm just trying to get rid of any of the bad habits that I might have shown as a junior."

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