Cyclones Targeting Another Palmdale Star

First it was Hayworth Hicks last summer and then this past spring Iowa State added Walter Woods and Brandon Mims. Now the Iowa State coaching staff is hoping that cornerback Josh Shaw will become the fourth member of Palmdale (CA) High School to pledge a commitment to play his college football in Ames.

"I'm real excited because I just got the offer from Iowa State today," said Shaw. "I called Coach Ash today and then he put me on the phone with Coach Rhoads. He asked me how interested I was in Iowa State and I said very interested. He then said I'd like to offer you a scholarship to play at Iowa State. We then had a nice talk about academics there and I told him that I wanted to major in criminal justice which Coach Rhoads said is the number one choice for a major on the football team."

The 6-foot-2, 190-pound cornerback now has offers from San Diego State, Washington, Iowa State, and Oregon. He is also hearing from Oregon State, California, Notre Dame, and Florida. "I have taken an unofficial visit to San Diego State and I'll be going up to watch the spring game at Washington on April 24th," said Shaw. "Coach Rhoads is trying to set it up for me to come for a visit this spring but if it doesn't work out I will definitely be taking a visit to Iowa State in the fall for one of their games."

Josh has very much enjoyed getting to know Iowa State's head coach but it was Iowa State secondary coach Chris Ash that got the Cyclones interested in Shaw. "He was first recruiting me when he was at San Diego State and we e-mail each other a few times each week," he said. "My brother played for him last year at San Diego State and told me a lot of good things about Coach Ash. It's real important because I want a close bond with my position coach and he would be that at Iowa State."

Josh is very close to 2009 Cyclone commits Walter Woods and Brandon Mims and says that he has been very impressed by everything that the two have had to say about Iowa State. "They told me that as soon as they got there on their visit that they were welcomed with open arms and treated like family," said Shaw. "They said that the fans are great and that they really support you win or lose. I also liked that they told me they will play some on national television and that the facilities were incredible."

Josh said that they only brought up one negative when talking about Iowa State. "They said the only bad thing is the weather out there," he said. "But I feel that you've got to be able to play football in all weather so that's not a big factor to me."

He added that playing with his former teammates would definitely be an added plus at Iowa State. "It's real big that they are there because I already have a strong bond with them," said Shaw. "They could play the role of big brother to me and that would be great."

Josh had 40 tackles and 4 interceptions as a junior and he commented on what he believed are his two biggest strengths at the cornerback position. "I feel my coverage skills are very strong and that my height also helps a lot against bigger receivers," said Shaw. "Coach Ash told me that I would be a perfect fit for their defense because of my man-to-man coverage skills. He said that they are going to be bringing the house on defense and so they need corners that can cover man-to-man like I do."

Josh says that he has no clear leaders at the moment and that he will likely not be making a decision anytime soon. "I'm pretty much wide open right now," he said. "I plan to take all my visits in the fall and won't likely commit until then unless I just really like a school and commit a little earlier."

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