CSR Talks With Marquis Hamilton

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Marquis Hamilton about what it has been like adjusting to a third head coach and what it will take for the Cyclones to have a solid 2009 season.

Cyclone Sports Report: What has it been like for you having to adjust to a third head coach?

Marquis Hamilton: It's not easy and was difficult at first but it's getting a lot better now. It's just a lot more new personalities to get to know during this time.

CSR: How would you judge your own individual play last season?

MH: I would say it was definitely up and down and that I just need to show a lot more consistency with my play.

CSR: What are you trying to improve on the most?

MH: My focus in that I'm trying not to get down on myself when I make a mistake. I just need to maintain a positive attitude and move on to the next play.

CSR: What is your relationship like with Coach Rhoads?

MH: I think it's real close. He's really doing a good job of talking with all of us and being positive. He's always trying to help us to get better.

CSR: Do you feel that as a senior you are going to have to take on more of a leadership role this season?

MH: Of course I do because we have the younger guys looking up to us. It's our last year and we just have to step up and lead by example.

CSR: Do you feel that your starting spot is secure with the new staff?

MH: I just feel that football is a competition and that you have to constantly prove yourself. I feel like it's an open competition at wide receiver and that the coaches will play the best guys.

CSR: How have things been working with new receivers coach Luke Wells?

MH: I feel like we have all adjusted well to him and that it has been a very smooth transition. He's very vocal and will tell you both the good and the bad but overall he is very upbeat.

CSR: How has Austen Arnaud looked so far now that he has played a full season as a starter?

MH: He just seems real comfortable and has been very vocal. He definitely speaks up when he feels we are slacking.

CSR: What are your early expectations for the 2009 season?

MH: I just expect to practice hard because predictions don't win games but realistically we will definitely be very competitive next season. We showed that we could hang with the best teams but we just didn't finish. If we finish games next year we will be real successful.

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