ISU Offers Texas Defensive End

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Cedar Park (TX) High School defensive end Holmes Onwukaife.

Cyclone Sports Report: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

Holmes Onwukaife: About a month ago I sent Coach Bleil an e-mail telling him I had some interest in his program. I've done that with all the schools that I'm interested in. We then started exchanging e-mails for the past few weeks and then today he gave me Coach Rhoads phone number and told me to give him a call. I then called Coach Rhoads today and we had a pretty good conversation and then he offered me a scholarship.

CSR: How many offers do you currently have?

HO: I now have 16 offers.

CSR: Who are some of the schools that have offered you?

HO: I can't remember all of them but along with Iowa State I have now been offered by Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky, Central Florida, Kansas, Maryland, UCLA, Texas Tech, SMU, Rice, and Houston.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

HO: I'm 6-foot-2 and I weigh 225 pounds.

CSR: Are all schools recruiting you as a defensive end?

HO: No, some are recruiting me to play outside linebacker but Iowa State is looking at me to play defensive end in a 4-3 defensive scheme.

CSR: How many tackles and sacks did you have last year?

HO: I had 50 tackles and 9 sacks last season.

CSR: Do have any leaders at this moment?

HO: Right now I'm open but I'll probably have a leaderboard around June.

CSR: Have you taken any unofficial visits?

HO: Yeah, I have been to Rice, SMU, and to Baylor. I'm looking to do some more of my visits in the summer once spring ball comes to an end.

CSR: Will you be visiting Iowa State?

HO: I think there stands a good chance that I will be taking a visit there. It's not too far and my dad and I could drive there this summer for a visit.

CSR: What are the biggest positives in your game at defensive end?

HO: I think my biggest strength as a player is getting off the ball and just going and trying to get the quarterback.

CSR: What are you trying to improve on as a player?

HO: I would say better use of my hands and I'm always trying to get out of the blocks as quick as possible.

CSR: How much will immediate playing time factor into your decision?

HO: I actually think that I want to redshirt because I'm only 16 and I'll still only be 17 when I get to college. I think it would be good so that I would have more time for my body to develop. I just want to put myself in the best position to eventually be an impact player.

CSR: When do you expect to make your final decision?

HO: I will definitely be making my decision before the start of the season for next year. I think I'll have a more clear picture after I have taken my visits this summer.

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