Iowa State Offers Brewster Academy Guard

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Brewster Academy guard Reggie Moore.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long has Iowa State been recruiting you?

Reggie Moore: They said that they have been watching me all year but that they didn't have any scholarships earlier. When one of their guards transferred recently that opened up a spot and then they offered me a scholarship.

CSR: Which coach have you been talking with the most?

RM: Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) came to my school last Thursday to watch us play and him and I have been talking a lot. He's a cool dude who is young and really down to earth.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

RM: I'm 6-foot-1 and I weigh 175 pounds.

CSR: What position is Iowa State recruiting you to play?

RM: Mostly as a point guard to play me with the ball but they also said they would use off the ball to utilize my scoring.

CSR: How strongly are you considering Iowa State?

RM: I'm really waiting to see if Craig (Brackins) stays or not. I think that will play a big factor in my decision with Iowa State because if he returns they are going to be really good next year.

CSR:So do you have a specific list of leaders?

RM: Right now my top three are Iowa State, Oregon, and California but I'm also considering Washington and Washington State.

CSR: Do you have any visits set up yet?

RM: I'll be going to Oregon for an official visit on Friday and Saturday and then I'll be going to Iowa State the next day gettin in late on Sunday. I'll be there on Monday and Tuesday. Then I'll be going to Cal next weekend.

CSR: Does the fact that former Oregon guard Aaron Brooks is your cousin give them a slight lead over the other schools?

RM: Not really with me but I know my mom likes it because she already know and likes the coaches and it's only four hours away from my home in Seattle. Location is definitely key for her.

CSR: You roommates with Melvin Ejim who is also being recruited by Iowa State. What has he told you about Iowa State and have you two talked about playing together in college?

RM: He told me that the campus was really nice and that he really liked the players and coaches there. We do talk about playing together all the time and it's definitely in our minds but at this moment we'll just have to wait and see if that ends up happening.

CSR: When do you expect to make your final decision?

RM: I talked with my uncle and he was saying that I should just wait until I'm done with my visits and then I'll probably make a decision soon after they are done.

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