CSR Talks With Alexander Robinson

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Alexander Robinson about how last year was clearly a disappointment for him and how he is adjusting to Coach Herman's new offensive scheme.

Cyclone Sports Report: How would you assess your play this past season?

Alexander Robinson: Personally I feel that I underperformed last year and that I let down the team at times. I was just really disappointed in the way I played last year.

CSR: What do you feel you need to improve on the most?

AR: I would say everything. My style of running, pass catching, blocking, film study, and I feel that I need to take more of a leadership role since I'll be the oldest guy in the room during the running back meetings.

CSR: Are you happy with the new style of offense that Coach Herman is installing here at Iowa State?

AR: I definitely am and I feel it really gives each individual on the offense a chance to step up and show that they can make plays. There is a chance for an explosive play at any time. Everyone is happy including the tight ends and wide receivers.

CSR: What are some of the basic changes that you are having to adjust to?

AR: We're in the shot gun a lot more and for me as a running back I have been learning more pass routes. The protection and running schemes are pretty similar to what I have done in the past but the terminology is different.

CSR: So you are enjoying the new spread offense?

AR: Yeah, I don't mind catching the ball more and sometimes they'll even split me out as a slot receiver which I'm completely fine with also.

CSR: What are your thoughts on Coach Rhoads now that you have had some time to get to know him?

AR: I think he's really developed a good relationship with the team. I like that his door is always open and with him what you see is what you get. He's real encouraging to us and he's trying to make us the best players and young men that we can possibly be. He really pushes the team about getting our degree which I think is a good thing.

CSR: What are your thoughts about the upcoming 2009 season?

AR: I'm very confident because even though we only won two games last year we had a lot of opportunities to win. We just have to finish games in the fourth quarter this year. That was the biggest problem last year and now it so this year we just need to do something about it. I think we have the talent and ability to win at least eight games and to hopefully go to a bowl game.

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