Spring Game Breakdown: ISU Offense

Wide receiver Sedrick Johnson showed in the spring game that he has the potential of having a huge sophomore season for the Cyclones.


Austen Arnaud and Jerome Tiller quarterbacked different teams in the spring game, and even though Tiller's team won, both had solid games. Arnaud struggled a bit early on but still ended up throwing for 250 yards and a touchdown. Tiller looked outstanding in his second spring game, throwing for 210 yards and two touchdowns and rushing for 74 yards and another touchdown. That touchdown came untouched on a spectacular 65-yard jaunt where he ran away from the secondary.

Running Backs

Coming into the game, Alexander Robinson, Jeremiah Schwartz and Bo Williams were the front runners at running back. Those three took all of the carries Saturday and each showcased their own running style. Robinson rushed for 50 yards, using his outstanding quickness, and also lined up at quarterback in the "Wildcat" formation. Williams had 68 yards, showing an impressive blend of power and speed. Schwartz had the only touchdown of the day and showed that he could be a big asset in short yardage situations.

Wide Receivers

For the starting offense, Sedrick Johnson had a 100-yard game and showed the ability to execute multiple different routes. Marquis Hamilton played well with 72 yards and Joel Zitek stepped up and caught Arnaud's only touchdown. Houston Jones caught a 46-yard pass from Tiller, the longest one of the day, and Lonzie Range and Jason Carlson also had solid games playing with Tiller.

Offensive Line

The offensive line struggled at times with both run and pass blocking but looked more solid as a unit as the game went on. It did allow four sacks, despite the defense not being able to tackle the quarterbacks. This unit, which has some returning talent, will have to continue to gel for the offense to have the success it wants to this season.

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