Cyclone Recruits Respond To Brackins Decision

Craig Brackins called Marquis Gilstrap after he had made his decision to stay on Friday and according to Marquis the two have now set a goal for next season.

"We talked about winning the Big 12 and I think with him back that we'll have a pretty good chance to make a run at it," said Gilstrap. "It was just really good news and now I'm just ready to get there and start playing with Craig and the guys."

The 6-foot-6 forward from Gulf Coast Community College feels that the two will work perfectly together. "I think we will really play well together because both of us can shoot it from the outside and both of us can go inside so I think we'll make things easier for each other," said Gilstrap. "It really means a lot to me that he turned down the NBA to play with us. I'm not going to let him down."

Whitney Young (IL) High School star point guard Chris Colvin agreed with Gilstrap that Brackins turning down the NBA was huge. "It's really a big thing for me because he's already a pro in ability," said Colvin. "I really appreciate that he's coming back and I think it's pretty much guaranteed that we make it to the tournament next year. I think his return will give us a lot of confidence going into next year."

Chris also feels that playing with Craig will really benefit his own game. "He's just going to makes things a lot easier," said Colvin. "He'll open the court more for me to penetrate and if they close things off I'll just get him the ball on the block to score."

Indian Hills Community College forward Laron Dendy says he had a feeling that Craig was going to choose to return. "I had been talking with him a lot and he had been telling me how good we could be next year so I had a feeling he would stay," said Dendy. "I'm just very excited that we get to play together because now we'll be the complete package with him there."

Laron says that he can't wait to get on campus to join his future teammates. "I really look forward to getting up there this summer with Chris and Marquis and to start working out with the team," he said. "I just want to get in the gym with Craig and start getting better for next year."

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