Cyclones Offer Illinois Quarterback

Rochester (IL) High School quarterback Sean Robinson received a scholarship offer from Iowa State this past Friday. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Sean to see where his recruitment stands at the moment.

Cyclone Sports Report: When did Iowa State begin recruiting you?

Sean Robinson: A few months ago they called Coach Leonard who is my high school coach to him they were interested in me. I started talking with Coach (Tom) Howe and we have been talking about once a week since then.

CSR: What other schools have offered you a scholarship?

SR: Ball State, Northern Illinois, Washington State, Syracuse, Toledo, Stanford, Northwestern, Central Michigan, and Iowa.

CSR: Have you spoke with Coach Rhoads?

SR: Yeah, they called Coach Leonard on Friday and he put me on and then Coach Rhoads got on and told me that they were offering me a scholarship. We talked about their new offensive coordinator and he told me that he really liked my tape. He said that Iowa State is real anxious to get me up there for a visit?

CSR: Are you planning on taking a visit to Iowa State?

SR: Nothing is set up yet but I might be taking one during the summer. I just have to wait and check with my family in regards to when I could go.

CSR: Have you taken any visits yet?

SR: Yeah, I've been to Iowa, Northwestern, Illinois, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Vanderbilt.

CSR: Do have a list of favorites yet?

SR: I don't have a list yet but Iowa State is definitely a school that I am strongly considering.

CSR: Last year you passed for 1,523 yards and 16 touchdowns while also running for 1,071 yards and 8 touchdowns running a spread offense. Are you looking more for a school that also runs the spread offense?

SR: Yeah, I hope to be able to run it in college. We run the spread and mix in the no huddle and really get a lot of plays off during the game.

CSR: What are you looking to improve on?

SR: The one thing I'm trying to improve on is my pocket awareness. Last year was just my first year playing quarterback and so I've been working more on sitting up in the pocket and making my out routes.

CSR: What are the most important things that you are looking for in a school?

SR: A lot will be based on the feel I get from the other players and that I can relate to them. I also have to truly trust the coaching staff and know that there is a loyalty built in between them and I so that I feel comfortable in the environment.

CSR: When are you looking to make a final decision?

SR: I'll definitely be making the decision by the end of the summer. I want to have it done before my season begins in the fall.

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