CSR Talks With Derrick Catlett

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Iowa State tight end Derrick Catlett on how things have been going during spring practice.

Cyclone Sports Report: How are things with Coach Rhoads so far during spring practice?

Derrick Catlett: It's been real good and I kind of feel like it's going back to the Coach Mac (McCarney) era. You can really talk to him and he will always listen. He's just a great resource for really anything.

CSR: What does Coach Messingham have your unit working on the most?

DC: Well since a lot of us came in as blocking tight ends he has us getting used to reading more coverage. We are also coming off the ball running certain specific routes. Last year we didn't have to do this as much.

CSR: How does the tight end fit in Coach Herman's offense?

DC: I see us more of the Chase Coffman type of tight end. Bigger guys that can run middle crossing routes. I think we will be a big part of the offense.

CSR: Has Austen Arnaud taken a more vocal role this spring?

DC: Yeah but he's always been a good leader. He's been real vocal from the beginning also very encouraging. He's just fine-tuning his mechanics and working on his reads and I think he'll have a great season for us.

CSR: How good do you think the offense can be in 2009?

DC: I think we have great potential. A lot of guys now have last year's experience under the belt and so really it's just a matter of fine tuning things. There will definitely be a lot of passing but to be successful we're still going to have to run the ball well.

CSR: Has there been one player that has really kind of been a surprise during the spring practices?

DC: I would have to say Jeremiah Schwartz. He's just a really big back and it almost always has to take two, three, or even four guys to get him down.

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