CSR Talks With Harrison Barnes

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Harrison Barnes about winning a state championship, his recruitment, and what he thought about his friend Craig Brackins deciding to stick around for his junior season at Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: What did it mean to you to win a state championship?

Harrison Barnes: It's an unbelievable feeling and to think that you are going to have your name engraved in history forever is really amazing. All we cared about was winning the championship and I really have to commend my teammates for staying so focused during the whole season.

CSR: Were a lot of the fans at games trying to pressure you to go to Iowa State or Iowa?

HB: They weren't really trying to push me too hard but each student section definitely had a chant for which school I should go to.

CSR: You are constantly being complimented on the fact that your game is so well-rounded. What do you feel you need to improve on before your senior season?

HB: I would say I still need to handle the ball better and that I still need to improve my conditioning.

CSR: You have already taken visits to Kansas, Iowa, Duke, Iowa State, USC, and Florida. Do you have any other specific visits set up at this time?

HB: I'll be visiting North Carolina after the NBA Players Camp and then I'll also be visiting USC, UCLA, and Stanford during my time in California for the Pangos Camp.

CSR: How would you describe the way that Iowa State has recruited you over the past few months?

HB: I would say that it hasn't really changed from the last two to three years. They have always been pretty consistent with me.

CSR: What did you think about your friend Craig Brackins deciding to stay at Iowa State for his junior season?

HB: I think it's good because you really need a player like him to stay around when you are building a program. It's really a bonus for Iowa State because he'll also be there to mentor the incoming players.

CSR: Is it correct that you have recently reduced the number of schools that you are considering?

HB: Yeah, I cut my list from 22 to 12. (The twelve schools that he is still considering are in no particular order: Kansas, Oklahoma, Duke, Iowa State, USC, Stanford, Minnesota, Kentucky, UCLA, Florida, North Carolina, and TCU.)

CSR: You have consistently stated that you have no clear leader but during the season you took a visit wearing a Duke t-shirt for the Duke-North Carolina game and after the game Josh Hairston who is one of Duke's commitments for 2010 stated that you were discussing with him and some of the other Duke commits about what a lineup would look like with all of you in it at Duke. What is your take on his comments and with what happened on that visit?

HB: I was wearing a Duke t-shirt because it's part of my daily wardrobe and I'm definitely not ashamed of my wardrobe. Josh is a good friend of mine and we were just simply having a conversation at the Duke-North Carolina game which is one of the best games of the year. Duke is one of the schools on my list so I was just considering what their lineup would look like if I went there. When I have gone to other schools for visits I would always imagine what their lineups would look like if I went there.

CSR: Is there a chance you will make your decision during the summer or is it more likely that it will be made in the fall?

HB: I'm not completely sure but I guarantee that I won't make any final decision until I am done with all my visits.

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