Meet Antwon Oliver

Iowa State added the final piece to their 2009 recruiting class when Racine (WI) Horlick High School guard Antwon Oliver signed with the Cyclones earlier today.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long has Iowa State been recruiting you?

Antwon Oliver: They started looking at me during the season but it wasn't until the state playoffs that they really started recruiting me hard. Coach Otzelberger came to my first two playoff games so I knew they were serious.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

AO:I'm 6-foot-5 and I weigh 170 pounds.

CSR: What type of role did the Iowa State coaches tell you that you would play for them?

AO: They told me that I would come in and play both the two and three position but I think ultimately I'll I just play the shooting guard.

CSR: Do you feel that you were overlooked as a recruit?

AO: Not really because when you play with a high school All-American like Jamil Wilson it's natural that you are going to get overlooked somewhat. When I wasn't getting noticed early on I just used it as motivation to play harder.

CSR: What did you know about Iowa State before they started recruiting you?

AO: I knew about them going to the Elite Eight a while back and I knew about how they had Craig Brackins and Diante Garrett. I knew a lot about Diante because I saw him play in high school and I also know a lot about Scott Christopherson because I remember him from high school and from when he was at Marquette.

CSR: Did you take a visit to Iowa State?

AO: Yeah, I went up there on April 17th and it was just really great. They had the spring football game going on and so we went there first and then I also got to tour the school. I mostly hung out with Craig and Diante and we eventually played pick up games and we all ate together as a team. All the players really made me feel at home when I was there.

CSR: How did your first meeting with Coach McDermott go?

AO: He came off really nice. When I first met him he cracked a joke about me being skinny and it was really funny. I like that he shook my hand and just treated me really well. Diante also told me that he's a real cool guy and that I will really like him as a coach.

CSR: How excited are you to be joining a team that potentially could be going to the NCAA tournament in your first season?

AO: It's really great and if we made it to the NCAA tournament that would be amazing. I would ecstatic if I could come in as a freshman and help them get there.

CSR: Why did you ultimately choose Iowa State?

AO: It was the feeling that I truly felt at home at Iowa State. Right from the start I fit right in and it felt like I had never left Racine.

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