CSR: Get The Inside Stuff On Antwon Oliver

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Racine (WI) Horlick head coach Jason Truetelaar to find out the inside scoop on new Cyclone Antwon Oliver in this exclusive interview.

Cyclone Sports Report: What type of kid is Antwon Oliver?

Coach Truetelaar: Iowa State is really getting a kid who always has a smile on his face which I think along with his ability was a selling point to Coach McDermott and Coach Otzelberger. He had to take a back seat to Jamal Wilson (Oregon recruit) and he handled so maturely. He always stepped up when we needed him to. He's just really one of the greatest kids that you could meet. He's mature for his age and has always shown an incredible work ethic. I really feel they got a diamond in the rough.

CSR: What type of player is Iowa State getting?

CT: Well he really started playing his best basketball in the second half of his senior season so I think his future is very bright. He has the ability to knock down three-pointers in transition and he has really improved his ability to score off the dribble. He really can finish in the lane and he's really one of the best that I have ever had. Defensively he has a great wing span and he really does a nice job of getting in the lanes and tipping lots of balls. He still needs to improve his on the ball defense and he still needs to keep working on his footwork.

CSR: How much of an impact do you think he can make as a freshman?

CT: Athletically he has the tools but I think he really neesd to get in the weight room so that he can build up a Big 12 body. The coaches have told him that it will be his call on whether to redshirt or not next year. I think he also has to consider what they already have there because they have a lot of talent coming back so either way it might be hard to make a huge impact with that roster. He's on board with that and really it might be in his best interest.

CSR: Was it a situation where most schools thought he was going to a junior college?

CT: Yeah it was and Antwon has really turned it up this year school wise and I think Iowa State is very concerned with helping him academically. They have good things in place to provide assistance for Antwon and I really fee that he'll be able to be successful academically there. I have to give him credit because he worked hard to put himself in this position where he could get this late offer from Iowa State and now he's going to be playing in the Big 12 which is an opportunity that you have to take.

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