Cyclones Make An Offer To Ohio Tight End

Marion (OH) Pleasant High School's Brad Harrah just got a boost to his week when he received two scholarship offers in the same day. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with him to find out what led to the offers.

Cyclone Sports Report: So what schools have offered you a scholarship?

Brad Harrah: I had only offer and that was from Robert Morris but today I got offers from both Iowa State and Indiana.

CSR: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

BH: Coach Caley called me about two nights ago to tell me that they were interested in me. My assistant coach had recently helped me by sending out my highlight tape and Coach Caley told me that the Iowa State coaches liked what they saw. He told me about their campus, courses, facilities, and how they have a new coaching staff.

CSR: How was your talk with Coach Rhoads?

BH: It went real well. He called me today and told me that he really liked my film and that he liked that I got it done in the classroom. Then he offered me a full ride to Iowa State. He sounds like a really good guy and I thought he was very friendly.

CSR: What is your current grade point average?

BH: I have a 4.0 at the moment.

CSR: Do you know what you want to study in college?

BH: Yeah, some form of engineering and Coach Caley mentioned to me that Iowa State is a good engineering school.

CSR: Is Iowa State recruiting you at tight end?

BH: They told me that they are looking at me both for tight end and offensive tackle.

CSR: Do you have a position that you prefer?

BH: No, it doesn't matter whether I play tight end or tackle. Whatever gets me on the field to help out my team is fine with me.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

BH: I am 6-foot-7 and I weigh 240 pounds.

CSR: Do you have any leaders now that you have these offers?

BH: I'm very interested in both Iowa State and Indiana but I don't currently have any leaders. I'm just going to sit back and see what happens. Right now I just want to keep my options open.

CSR: Have you taken any visits yet?

BH: No, but both Coach Rhoads and the Indiana coaches talked about me coming for a visit this summer and I'm pretty sure that I will do that.

CSR: Do you know when you want to make your final decision?

BH: I'm not really sure but I know that it won't be any time soon. It could be this summer or I might wait until the fall. I'm just not sure yet.

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