CSR Insider: One-On-One With Coach Jordan

Iowa State received its first member of the 2010 recruiting class this past weekend when Garland (TX) High School's Jared Barnett officially committed to Coach Rhoads. Only Cyclone Sports Report caught up his head coach Jeff Jordan to find out more about the future Cyclone quarterback.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is Jared like as a person?

Jeff Jordan: He's just a great kid who I have known for a long time because his older brother played here and so he's been tagging along with this program since he was in about fifth grade. He's a responsible young man who is just always working hard to get better.

CSR: Do you feel he is a good leader?

JJ: I definitely do and so do his fellow classmates because he was selected to our school's unity council and he's just a guy that kid's really look up to and they feel that they can always count on him. He's a vocal leader who is not afraid to stand up and say something on the field when it's needed. He also leads by example and really shows it by many times staying late and working on his throwing after practice.

CSR: What are his biggest strengths as a quarterback?

JJ: He's very calm and really keeps his cool under pressure. I feel that he makes good decisions and if the defense is taking away the deep ball he's not afraid to take the check down route and still make a positive play. He has good arm strength but obviously he'll need to continue to improve on that because there is throws you can get away with in high school that you can't get away with in the Big 12. He can make all the throws including the intermediate one and the deep outs. He has just really improved a lot since he was a freshman.

CSR: What does he need to improve on the most?

JJ: Like with most quarterbacks at his stage he can always work on being more consistent with his footwork and being patient with the football. He is very confident in his ability and sometimes he'll try to thread a needle when the play is not there.

CSR: How similar is what you guys to do at Garland to what Coach Herman ran on offense at Rice?

JJ: Our offense is very similar to what Iowa State will run under Coach Herman and that was really a big factor in Jared's decision. A lot of the terminology is the same and just the way we coach it is very similar. A lot of the routes we run are very similar and that just really made him feel comfortable with choosing Iowa State.

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