CSR Exclusive: One-On-One With Wesley Staten

Cyclone Sports Report brought you the first interview with Wesley Staten after he made his early commitment to become a Cyclone and now we caught up with Wesley again to see how his AAU season is going.

Cyclone Sports Report: Are you still with the MoKan Players?

Wesley Staten: Well, it's the same team but our name is now the Kansas Players 17U

CSR: How have things been going with the team so far this spring?

WS: We just got fourth place in Dallas at the Next Level Tourney and we'll be going to the Manhattan Classic in Kansas in a few weeks. Then we go to St. Louis for the Nike Invite and then I'll be in Chapel Hill on a visit with friend and teammate Perry Ellis.

CSR: So you are taking a visit to North Carolina?

WS: Yeah, they are recruiting Perry and they told me that I could come along with him for his visit. I've never been out there so it should be fun getting to see the school.

CSR: Are you still fully committed to Iowa State?

WS: Yes, I am definitely committed to Iowa State. I'll be going there in June or August or maybe both. I might make it up there for their elite camp and Coach McDermott really wants me to come up in August to see the new practice facility. I might also just go there in June for a visit because Coach Mac wants me to just come up and get to play with all the Iowa State guys.

CSR: Are a lot of schools still recruiting you even though you are committed to Iowa State?

WS: I'm still getting a lot of letters but my recruitment has really calmed down since I committed to Iowa State.

CSR: How happy are you that Iowa State is adding the new practice facility?

WS: It definitely makes things better and it's just really big for Iowa State. I love that I will be able to get in the gym any time I want because I'm a gym rat so that will definitely be a benefit for me once I get there.

CSR: Are you still talking with the Iowa State coaches on a consistent basis?

WS: Yeah, I talk with Coach McDermott a lot and he checks in with me about my workouts and my grades. I'm real close with Coach Rutter and I would say that I probably talk with him the most. He's just a real cool coach to talk to and I've also started talking with Coach Robinson. We just talk a lot about basketball and we connect real well.

CSR: What did you think about Craig Brackins deciding to return for his junior season?

WS: I was real excited about it and I think that they will do really good next year.

CSR: Are you trying to get your friends Marcus Paige and Mike Gesell to join you in Iowa State's 2012 recruiting class?

WS: Yeah, two nights ago I was texting with Marcus and I talk with Mike all the time. We joke around a lot and I just tell them that they should come to Iowa State or I ask them if they are ready to come play with me at Iowa State. It would definitely be great to play with them.

Wesley finished his freshman season averaging 19.1 points per game, 4.8 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 1.5 steals, and shot 81.5 percent at the free throw line.

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