CSR Talks With Josh Shaw

Palmdale (CA) High School's Josh Shaw now has double digit scholarship offers and has really seen his recruitment heat up. Cyclone Sports Report caught up with the outstanding cornerback to see where things stand with Iowa State.

Cyclone Sports Report: How many offers do you now have?

Josh Shaw: I now have fourteen. I have offers from Iowa State, Washington, Oregon, San Diego State, Oregon State, Washington State, Nevada, Utah State, Boise State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado State, and Arizona.

CSR: Do you have any leaders at the moment?

JS: No, I'm pretty open at the moment. I'm hoping to take some visits this summer.

CSR: Are you planning on visiting Iowa State?

JS: Yeah, but I'm not sure when because of my passing league schedule this summer. I'll either take an unofficial visit there this summer or an official visit in the fall.

CSR: So you are still very interested in Iowa State?

JS: I would say that I have a bond with Iowa State more than any other school at this point in my recruitment. With Coach Ash and three guys from my high school that would be there I feel real comfortable with Iowa State. I really have a great relationship with Coach Ash.

CSR: What else do you like about Iowa State?

JS: I think there is a big time opportunity there to come in and work hard and possibly play early there. Their defense fits me really well because they want big and physical corners in the secondary who can play man coverage and that is what I am best at.

CSR: Have you spoken with any of the Palmdale guys lately?

JS: Yeah, Hayworth Hicks was at my school last week and we had a great talk. He really wants me to go to Iowa State and told me that he can't wait to get me there for a visit. He told me why he chose Iowa State originally and that he has really fallen in love with Iowa State and Big 12 football. He told me not to worry about the name of the school in recruiting. He said that Iowa State is great and that I would have a chance to come and compete right away and that it's a great school academically.

CSR: When are you looking to make a final decision?

JS: I will be an early graduate so I'm likely looking to make a final decision in November or early December after I have taken all five of my official visits.

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