CSR Talks With James Kohler

Ames (IA) High School's James Kohler is a major recruiting target for the new Iowa State coaching staff. Cyclone Sports Report talks with James about his new offers, upcoming visits, and an interesting reunion that his dad has made with one of the Iowa State coaches.

Cyclone Sports Report: What schools have currently offered you a scholarship?

James Kohler: Iowa State, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Stanford, Kansas State, and Northwestern.

CSR: Do you have any visits scheduled this summer?

JK:Yeah, I'll be going to junior day at Northwestern and I'll also be going on a visit to Stanford. That way I can form a better opinion of some of these schools that have offered me a scholarship.

CSR: How important is the academic aspect of your recruitment?

JK: It's really huge and a school with good academics is really what I'm looking for. I'm still undecided on a major but it will likely have to do with math or science.

CSR: Have you been talking with the Iowa State coaches lately?

JK: I probably talk with Coach Ash the most and he's a real good guy. I talk with him about once a month and I also talked with Coach Rhoads about two weeks ago.

CSR: Have you gotten to know Coach Bleil who will be coaching the offensive line at Iowa State?

JK: Yeah, it's been really good to talk with him because he's just a great guy. My dad actually grew up with him in Remsen, Iowa. He's a few years younger but they have pretty much been reunited with me getting to know Coach Bleil.

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