Will ISU Land Another Palmdale Recruit?

Iowa State struck gold when they landed former Palmdale (CA) High School star Craig Brackins. The Cyclone staff has once again turned their attention to another Palmdale basketball player and recently stepped up and offered him a scholarship. Cyclone Sports Report is first to go one-on-one with D.J. Haley.

Cyclone Sports Report: How long has Iowa State been recruiting you and when did they offer you a scholarship?

D.J. Haley: I would say for about a month and they called my AAU coach and mom last week to let them know that I had a scholarship offer from them.

CSR: Which Iowa State coaches have you been talking to?

DH: I've mostly been talking to Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) on the phone. He told me that he feels I'm a good rebounder and shot-blocker and that he likes the way I run the court. I've also talked with Coach McDermott a few times and I saw him at the Pangos All-American camp this weekend because I guess his son was also there playing with his team.

CSR: Do you know former Palmdale High School player Craig Brackins?

DH: Yeah, my sister went to Palmdale when he was there and I met him last week when he came to our school. I got to play with him and he was really good. He told me that he really liked Iowa State and that they have really helped him during his time there. He told me that I played well and just to keep working hard.

CSR: Would leaving the state of California be a problem for you?

DH: I would say not really but the weather might be an issue. In the end I don't think it would matter because I just want to find a school that I really like and where I feel comfortable. I've heard they have a good engineering school and I want to major in aerospace engineering or civil engineering so that would also be a good thing about Iowa State.

CSR: Do you have any other scholarship offers or schools that have been recruiting you?

DH: I also have an offer from Wyoming and I've been hearing from USC and Stanford.

CSR: Are you considering a visit to Iowa State this summer?

DH: Yeah, I'm considering it and I know the coaches are hoping that I come out for a visit.

CSR: Do you have any other specific plans set up for the next month?

DH: The only thing on my schedule right now is Stanford's camp next weekend.

CSR: Brandon Mims and Walther Woods are Palmdale football players that will be attending Iowa State in the fall. Are you friends with either one?

DH: Yeah, I know them both and Walter is one of my best friends. He told me he would love it if I went to Iowa State.

CSR: Does it help Iowa State that you know that Walter would already be there if you chose the Cyclones?

DH: Yeah, having him there would definitely be another upside to going to Iowa State.

CSR: How seriously are you considering Iowa State?

DH: They are very high on my list and I know they have a good history for basketball and solid engineering program so they are definitely one of my favorites at the moment.

CSR: What are you trying to improve on this summer?

DH: The first thing would be my strength because that will help me with my low post game. I also need to get better in the high post with using all of my options.

CSR: Are you looking to make your final decision this summer?

DH: I want to make a decision this summer but I don't want to jump into anything too soon. I also don't want to wait too long so I'll probably make a decision before the fall.

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