Cyclones Offer Phillip Jackson

Right before he left the Iowa State Skills Camp on Sunday afternoon a scholarship offer was waiting for Providence St.Mel (IL) High School power forward Phillip Jackson. Only Cyclone Sports Report caught up with Jackson to see how things went during his weekend in Ames and where his recruitment stands at the moment.

Cyclone Sports Report: Which coach has been mainly recruiting you at Iowa State?

Phillip Jackson: Coach (Daniyal) Robinson

CSR: How are things with you and Coach Robinson?

PJ: Our relationship is real cool and he made sure to walk me through what my role would be if I went there. He really looked out for me during the whole weekend.

CSR: So when did you get your offer?

PJ: I got called over by Coach McDermott right before we were getting ready to leave. He told me that he really liked how I was playing and that he had a scholarship offer for me.

CSR: What other schools do you have offers from?

PJ: Southern Illinois, Marquette, Indiana State, St. Louis, Illinois State, DePaul, and Providence.

CSR: Did you enjoy the camp?

PJ: Yeah because we did a lot of different things. We were doing a lot of big man drills and then we played some games. I got to play with Chris Colvin and some of the other incoming recruits during some of the games.

CSR: Considering that you are from Chicago, does Chris Colvin going to Iowa State help their chances?

PJ: Definitely because he's a real good player and he would be somebody that I could relate to if I decide to go there.

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

PJ: I'm 6-foot-9 and I weigh 226 pounds.

CSR: Who would you compare your game to?

PJ: I would say my game is somewhat similar to Craig Brackins because I can play inside and out.

CSR: What are the most important factors that you are considering before you make a final decision?

PJ: I would say playing time and the style of play. I want to make sure that the school that I pick fits well with my game.

CSR: Do you have any favorites at the moment and when might you make your final decision?

PJ: I don't have any leaders at the moment because for me it's too early. I want to wait and see what happens the rest of the summer. I don't plan on making my final decision until after my upcoming senior season.

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