Iowa State Offers 2010 Canadian Forward

Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with United Faith Christian Academy forward Kadeem Green.

Cyclone Sports Report: Where are you originally from?

Kadeem Green: Toronto, Ontario

CSR: What is your current height and weight?

KG: I'm 6-foot-8 and I weigh 200 pounds.

CSR: When did Iowa State start recruiting you?

KG: Coach T.J. (Otzelberger) started recruiting me during the last two months. He came and saw me and we have done a lot of e-mailing. We've started to develop a pretty good relationship.

CSR: What did you think of the Iowa State Skills Camp?

KG: I feel that I learned a lot and I really enjoyed getting to play against some of their new recruits.

CSR: When did you get your offer?

KG: Coach McDermott came over to me on Sunday and told me that he thought that I played real good at the camp. He said that he liked me a lot and then he offered me a scholarship.

CSR: What other schools have offered you a scholarship?

KG: VCU, South Carolina, and UAB.

CSR: So do you have any favorites and where does Iowa State currently stand with you?

KG: I'm open right now but I would say that I am strongly considering them and that there is a strong chance that I'll take an official visit to Iowa State. I think if I went there I could get a lot of minutes early on. I didn't get to see all of the campus but what I did see was pretty nice. I did see the new practice facility and I think that's going to be real nice.

CSR: When do you think you will make a final decision?

KG: I plan on taking my visits in the fall and then making a decision.

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