Staten Enjoys ISU Skills Camp

Cyclone Sports Report talks with Iowa State 2012 commit about his recent experience back in Ames.

Cyclone Sports Report: So what did you think of the skills camp?

Wesley Staten: It was really fun getting to see the coaches and getting to play against some great competition. I got to play against some of the new guys like Chris Colvin, Laron Dendy, and Alex Dorr. They are really skilled.

CSR: How did you do during the camp?

WS: I thought I played consistently well and I was scoring a lot.

CSR: How much does it help you to play against some of the older guys?

WS: It's great because when we were done they would tell me what I need to work on. I think it helps my all-around game and it helps me mentally getting to play against them.

CSR: Did you get to talk with the coaches much?

WS: Yeah, I mostly talked with Coach Rutter but later on I got to talk with Coach McDermott. He said that he thought I was playing well and he liked that I had gotten stronger. He felt I held own against the older guys.

CSR: What are you trying to improve on this summer?

WS: I want to be better coming off screens and I'm always trying to get stronger.

CSR: Did you get to see the new practice facility?

WS: Yeah, it was great getting to see it and I'm going to be coming back up the first day it opens after it gets finished in a few months.

CSR: What do you have going on the rest of the summer?

WS: Just playing for my AAU team which is the MoKan Spiece. We have some big tournaments coming up in July in Orlando and Milwaukee.

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